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Social Media and Technology Benchmarks for Social Justice Organizations

The leading edge of social change is increasingly about bringing people together in imaginative and courageous ways.  Collaboration, coordination and working in networks are becoming the norm, as nonprofits across sectors work to move the needle on today’s most pressing problems.  As a result, leaders and organizations are taking increasing advantage of technology’s ability to facilitate and expand their impact.  In particular, social media and other online vehicles are rapidly becoming ‘tools of the day’, delivering fundamentally new ways of communicating, organizing and taking action for social change.

The Levi Strauss Foundation created the Pioneers in Justice initiative to support dynamic next-generation leaders in the social justice sector and help them use the power of networks and social media to advance their missions and movements.  ZeroDivide, a San Francisco-based nonprofit fostering technology adoption in underserved communities, is the Foundation’s technical partner for the social media components of Pioneers in Justice. 

The attached benchmark document provides a set of benchmarks designed to help the Pioneers in Justice determine progress in building social media and technology capacity – moving from theory to practice to measurement and sustainability.  The benchmarks have been developed by ZeroDivide based on social media and technology best practices for nonprofits.

The benchmarks are intended to be a helpful tool to assist the Pioneers in Justice organizations, Levi Strauss Foundation and ZeroDivide with common criteria to measure progress and determine next steps for individual organizations and the initiative as a whole.  Specifically, the chart is used in the annual capacity building grant process and provides a prevailing standard for accountability in meeting the Pioneers in Justice grant requirements.     

Elizabeth Ramirez,
Sep 4, 2013, 9:53 AM