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Gmail Tabs May Impact your Marketing and Comms

posted Oct 31, 2013, 11:15 AM by Sherbeam Wright
Have you heard about Gmail's new tabbed inbox? As a Gmail user, I love it! It does some smart sorting so I don't have to… The inbox now gives you the option to have five tabs of sorted email.

As communications people, it could cause a setback for our marketing, communications and development efforts. Below I've broken down how Gmail users will receive their email if they opt to keep the tabs and some actions to consider. 

1st Tab: Primary - business and direct emails are most likely to go there

2nd Tab: Social - notifications from Facebook, Twitter, and anything else ID'd as being from a social source will land under this tab

3rd Tab: Promotions / 4th Tab: Updates - I'm a little unclear as to how these are different because both capture email generated through products like ExactTarget, ConstantContact, Salesforce…and both capture subscription emails.

The two differences I did notice were:

1. purchase / invoice / banking emails are captured under the "Updates" tab.

2. promotional offers / solicitations "Sign up for this webinar…" did fall under the "Promotions" tab

5th Tab: Forums - this is where Google groups, Yahoo groups, emails and other "Forum" notifications and emails are now landing.

What should you do?

1. Check your stats. Is your email CTR (click through rate) lower than usual? Are you getting fewer responses that usual?

If the answer is NO, you may just want to watch it for significant changes.

If the answer is YES, you may want to craft a message to send directly to people on your lists letting them know that if they use Gmail and are using the tabs that messages may be landing in another tab.

2. Another consideration is mobile access. I don't have the new tabs on my phone or Nexus (both Android)  for some reason, but the tabs are supposed to be popping up on mobile devices as well.

Here is a link to an article that provides instructions for mobile.

Any other ideas or thoughts? Are you using the Gmail Tabs?