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Facebook Page Change & Tip

posted Jun 14, 2013, 10:34 AM by Sherbeam Wright
Facebook has changed how the 'Pages' feature works. They now require page administrators to pay to promote status updates to followers who ALREADY like the page.

I've found a work around that I'm just testing now, but other Page admins have informed me that it works. Following are the instructions and language to share with those who have liked your page, as well as a screenshot. 

...To ensure that you continue receiving our updates, you should hover your mouse on the "Like" or "Liked" button at the top of the [your org / project] page. Then select "Add to interest lists" from the drop down menu. If you don't already have interest lists, you can create them at this time. This will make sure you see our updates and all our events on your news feed as we post them.

If you have additional tips or work arounds, please feel free to share!