KPI's - Key Performance Indicators

posted Apr 12, 2012, 11:26 AM by Sherbeam Wright
Basic numbers about your audience

    ● Demographics: Who are you reaching / who is your intended audience / who is your
        unintended audience
    ● Segmentation factors: size, qualities, level of influence, types of activity
     Quality of followers, fans
    ● Influencers (#, profile, activity)
    ● Engagement (types, frequency)
    ● Followers of followers
    ● Likes, pageviews, retweets

Basic numbers about your organization’s activity

    ● # of FB posts, blog posts, tweets, videos
    ● Topics
    ● Contact / interaction with audience
    ● What’s popular - which posts, tweets, comments, videos, pages, CTR... resonate with
    ● Conversion rate

Conversion rate - The rate of people reached who are taking some predetermined action as a
result of your efforts: sharing, signing up, donating (this can harder to measure and will require
some “offline” cross check, but is ultimately something you’ll want to know